Patrice Rushen

Can we just take a second and embrace the flow that comes from this women right here? This song entices you from beginning to end. This musical genius has a beautiful voice, a way with the piano and also *fun fact* is a music director! She is a well rounded, well respected and accomplished women! Turn your volume up, recline back your chair and let the riff of the electric keyboard take control of your soul.


David Choi

David Choi, a sweet soul and an amazing musician. Everything you hear is created by him. He writes and self produces all of his music. That fact alone gives him MAJOR kudos in my book. What artist do you know is self sufficient like that? He is the true epitome of a true musician. Take a gander at his past and present music. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


My husband turned my ears to this creative gem about a year ago. Pogo (Nick Bertke) remixes scenes from beloved movies, tv or just about anything and makes them into musical masterpieces beyond anyones imagination. The work that has to go into each one of these songs is unbelievable. Taking apart the movie scene by scene to get the sound you want and mixing that to a sick beat…AMAZING! Pure talent comes from this producer and I am so happy my husband stumbled upon him!

Kina Grannis

Where to even begin with this beauty. I fell in love with her music back in 2010 and have not stopped being a fan ever since! Heck, she is the one who inspired me to even pick the guitar in the first place! If you want a sweet melody followed with a peaceful soul then Kina Grannis is the artist for you! The calmness that overrides your heart when embracing her songs is something to cherish.

Toro y Moi

I just love this guys music. Not only is his music unique, he just looks like a really cool and interesting dude that I’d like to meet one day. My husband and I discovered him through none other then GTA!!! Whoever picks the music for that game, brilliant! You’re just brilliant! Ever since then I’ve been in love with his music and his style. I’d love to see what goes on in his head. Magic!

Freddie Joachim

Put this guys name in the Pandora search bar or look him up on Spotify. Do what you gotta do to know Freddie’s music. He does a lot of remixes which are all awesome and he also has originals which are instrumentals. And I love, love, LOVE pure instrumentals. Sometimes in music, it’s better to have no words at all and just hear what the music is telling you! His music speaks a 1,000 words in a 3 minute time frame! Now how many artists do you know who can do that?