What can I say about the band Daughter. Peaceful. Relaxing. Lyrically brilliant. Enticing. The list could go on and on! Listen for yourself and make your own judgement! Listen to this song, “Love” in your headphones, close your eyes and be surrounded by a melody that grabs a hold of you doesn’t let go till the last beat.


Sly and Robbie

Came upon this gem watching none other then Miami Vice! There are so many gems “music wise” in this show. The 80’s had some amazing music to offer! Sly and Robbie kill the Dub-Reggae scene. PLEASE look them up! They knew what they were doing. Sit back and pretend you’re chilling in the Keys with the sun on your face, beautiful crystal blue water crashing against the shore while swaying back and forth in your hammock.


I tend to have a.d.d. when playing on SoundCloud because one artist leads me to another, which leads me to another, so on and so forth. This guys raw and unique beats kept me intrigued. He obviously has more songs then this, but this is the one I was diggin’ the most! I could listen to him for HOURS, and by that I mean I already have!

No Time, But Faith

“Do not waste your time over thinking and start doing. We are dying every minute. We are turning into dust.” -Axel Marazzi

   We’re going to one day realize that this moment right here is nothing but a memory. We’re going to one day regret standing back and watching it happen. But when will regret be enough for us to start doing something about it?

   Right now its tedious, its tiring and its trying. Though its nothing but an adventure that will never happen this way, with these people, to make these memories again. So why are we acting like we’ll be given the chance to relieve it when the time is right for us?

   Letting petty things take advantage of you, I’ve learned and am still learning, is a waste of a time. It’s a chasing after the wind. Meaningless. Don’t let your looks, your weight, your failures, even your accomplishments get in the way from letting you grow. Never get sedentary.

   Why should we let the finite mind of man keep us stumbling when God has already laid the foundation? Theres no time but faith to act on.